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Neuroscience Curriculum

The following core courses are required of all students in the Ph.D. program:
BMED 545 Research Laboratory Rotations 3 cr.
BMED 593 Current Research Literature 1 cr.
BMED 594 Seminar 2 cr.
BMED 600* Advanced Cellular Biochemistry 4 cr.
BMED 605 Biomedical Research Ethics 1 cr.
BMED 609 Biomedical Statistics 3 cr.
BMED 661 Neurosciences I 4 cr.
BMED 662 Neurosciences II 4 cr.
BMED 697/699 Research/Dissertation 20-30 cr.**
* Students without preparation in biochemistry must take BIOC 481/482 as a pre-requisite
to BMED 600.
** A minimum of 20 credits is required by the Department for the Ph.D. degree.
A maximum of 30 credits may be applied toward the 60-credit requirement for the Ph.D.

Ph.D. students will take at least three of the following courses, according to research interest:
BMED 610 Neuropharmacology 3 cr.
BMED 646 Neurotoxicology 3 cr.
BMED 667 Topics in Neurobiology 3 cr. 
    rotating topics, e.g. Neurobiology of Disease; Topics in Synaptic Transmission, etc.
The following are examples of additional elective courses available to meet student interests:
BMED 582 Research Seminar – Neuroscience 1 cr.
BMED 615 Molecular Pharmacology 3 cr.
BMED 621 Medicinal Chemistry 3 cr.
BMED 626 Research Methods Biochem Pharmacol 1-3 cr.
BMED 630 Pharmacogenetics 3 cr.
BMED 635 Academic Development Seminar 2 cr.
BMED 641 Toxicology I – Principles of Toxicology 4 cr.
BMED 642 Toxicology II – Toxic Agents 4 cr.
BMED 643 Cellular and Molecular Toxicology 4 cr.
BMED 644 Immunotoxicology 3 cr.
BMED 645 Respiratory Toxicology 3 cr.
BMED 646 Neurotoxicology 3 cr.
BMED 647 Topics in Toxicology 1-3 cr.
BMED 657 Topics in Immunology 1-3 cr.
BIOC 581 Physical Biochemistry 3 cr.
BIOC 582 Proteins and Enzymes 4 cr.
BIOC 586 Advanced Molecular Biology 3 cr.


Additional Courses are available through other Departments. To learn more, go to:

Course Descriptions - Choose Term, then Subject: e.g., Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Sciences; then push the Get Courses button.

To determine course number for Research Credits, go to the Course Search page. Pull down the “Subject” menu item and choose Biomedical/Pharmecutical (BMED), Biochemistry (BCH) or Biology-Microbiology (BIOM) and type “”Research” in “Course Title” and hit “Search” button.  Individual faculty members act as Instructors for courses numbered 570 (Intro to Research; for first-year students) or 597 (Research). 

                                            For more information, please contact the CSFN Office at:

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