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Fellowship Application


Application Process

Students must identify and contact a faculty mentor and collaborate to develop and define a research project.  This early interaction is a very important part of the application process. Non-UM students usually have to accomplish this discussion via e-mail or phone.  If a student is in the area, we encourage him/her to visit the campus and meet the mentor.  Please identify potential mentors by visiting the faculty page of the CSFN. Inquiries should be sent directly to individual faculty to determine whether they are hosting undergraduate neuroscience fellows during the upcoming summer. Students are encouraged to discuss research opportunities with more than one faculty member.


The SURF Application

All materials should be submitted to Dr. Jesse Hay by either email ( or as hard copy.  Applications should include:

  • CSFN Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Application Summary Sheet
  • A letter describing your research interests and academic goals, including a brief description of the research project you are developing with the faculty mentor you would like to work with (please address this letter to Dr. Jesse Hay, SURF Director)
  • A copy of your transcripts (unofficial are accepted)
  • A letter of reference from one of your professors


Application Deadline and Award Notification

Application materials must be received by CSFN no later than May 15 of the year in which applicants desire a fellowship.  Awards will be announced no later than the end of the third week of May.  Applicants will receive e-mail notification of the outcome of their applications.


*** Now accepting applications for summer of 2014! ***

                                            For more information, please contact the CSFN Office at:

                                                        Phone: (406) 243-4324                                  Email:

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